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* Do you know what ARP is?

Suggested article: ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) – Why is it important?

The Address Resolution Protocol, also known short as ARP, is a network layer protocol that serves to map a continuously changing Internet Protocol (IP) address to a fixed physical machine address - a Media Access Control (MAC) address, in a local-area network (LAN).

ARP was defined in 1982 by RFC 826 and became a critical component of network communications. Over the years, it has evolved to support newer technologies and protocols.

Some of the main benefits of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) are the following:

  • ARP provides seamless communication between devices on a local network by linking IP addresses to MAC addresses.
  • The ARP cache stores IP-MAC mapping, leading to reduced ARP broadcasts and improved network performance.
  • ARP packets help identify the devices' physical addresses, enhancing network security and making it easier to detect rogue devices or intrusions.
  • ARP is compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it a widely used protocol.
  • Diagnosing network issues is simple with ARP, as its cache can be easily viewed and analyzed.

In case you are interested and want to learn more about this topic, we recommend you take a look at the following article about ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)!